Miracles…that is what Jesus does….


There really is nothing more beautiful than a life that has been touched and changed by the Healing Grace and Love of Jesus Christ.  This is why I love our Fellowship of Churches so much….people come in sad…broken…full of sin…with messed up lives…and they give their lives to Jesus by saying a simple Sinner’s Prayer and repenting of their sins…and in a single moment’s time Jesus touches their hearts and changes them.  It is an unexplainable miracle and it is real.  This video was made by a girl who experienced such a touch.  Her life has been changed by the Healing Grace and Love of Jesus Christ and she has shared her thanks for this miracle through this video…

Below I have also posted this girl’s testimony of how Jesus touched her life and changed her….

My testimony:

I was a broken soul that was stuck in a couple years of depression with anxiety, insane shyness, and with many trust issues. I had bitterness and resentment towards some people and my family that I was not fully aware of. I was just a very unhappy person and I walked around with this mask on my face and with a smile telling everyone I was fine and just tired. I always thought the worst of things, being negative about most or even all things that I came in contact with and it just brought me down even more and I was just completely stuck in my own head and couldn’t get out of it what so ever.
I was hanging out with a group of close friends for pretty many years that I thought were those real true friends you could talk and look up and thought you could trust no matter what. But I was wrong. At the time I was friends with them, no matter where I would hang out with them, I would laugh but never actually feel happy inside. I still felt alone even in a crowded room full of people. It only made me more upset which made me want to just shut the world out and sleep all hours of the day and keep to myself since no one else could make me feel happy, all I felt wad that feeling of loneliness.  I would try and search for that happiness by isolating myself all the time and buried myself into a depression and started cutting myself, and I just could not shake it off for the longest time.
So as that dragged on into my senior year of high school it only got worse when I got into relationships with guys who acted like they cared about me, but only wanted one thing from me and that one thing was something I wasn’t willing to give up just yet. I also lost all of my so called “friends” that I thought would always be there for me, over this one guy that I ended up dating for a couple months, I later relaxed I didn’t need friends like them cause they only ever brought me down when I was with them.
 And because of this going on for so many years, I just stopped trusting everyone I ever came in contact with. On top of that my dad then got prostate cancer the same year and he went in for surgery that got me more depressed.
Around the last month of school that year, I met Frank, my now Fiancé. He has been a true blessing in my life. He had that positive attitude and motivation that I didn’t have any longer. I then became impure once he and I started dating. I was still unhappy and broken inside. I didn’t know what real joy felt like until the day I was saved by God. It first started off with Frank inviting me to go to church and to bible study where Pastor Brian Snedeker preached. We would also just hang out with Pastor Brian and his wife Stephanie, on the side and became good friends.
I went along with Frank to church and saw what it was like. It scared me a little at first because it was just very different and a new environment for me. I was forced to go to this Lutheran Christian church by my mom and I never had interest in wanting to learn about God even though I believe in Him. I felt like I just did not fit in with the crowd at that church at all. I stopped going to church when I got to 9th grade and I was never interested in ever going back. But the night I got saved changed everything for me. I actually was interested in wanting to learn all that I can about God himself.
It was the beginning of June 2013, there was a revival at the Snedeker’s house. I went to one out of the five nights. And Frank asked me to come the next night after that, I kept telling him that I didn’t feel food and was tired and didn’t want to go. But he kept asking me to just come and sit through it. So I ended up walking in late and this pastor, Pastor Jermaine Concepcion, a guy I have never met before, was preaching about forgiveness. He then looked at me and asked me to come up to him. I went up and he then started telling me all of my business that he couldn’t possibly even know about me. Pastor Jermaine then is telling me, that God is speaking to him and telling me that I am not forgiving a close loved one (my mother), He knows I have trust issues that I need to learn to trust in Him so that He can help me, and that He has seen how I have been hurt and violated by many guys in ways that just were not okay. So I’m standing there crying my eyes out and I prayed the prayer with Pastor Jermaine to be saved by God, and since then I have felt nothing but the love of God and joy that He has given me. I feel Christ working inside me every day to help me forgive my mom for past issues and helping me by healing me from my bitterness and resentment towards her and my trust issues. Right After that night ended, here Frank then starts talking to me about wanting to be pure in our relationship. I’m hurt by this decision of because I still didn’t know anything about God and his way of wanting people to live a pure life before marriage. I was heartbroken because I just felt rejected like no other.
When Frank left only a couple weeks later for boot camp for the summer, God had really touched my heart and changed my ways. Then one day I ended up going through all my things and threw out all my sinful books, movies, and any other stuff that I felt that was part of my past that needed to be thrown out. With Frank gone for the summer it gave me time to read books and talk with Stephanie and Brian to learn about purity and building a great relationship with God. I have been reading books attending church, bible study, and church activities that are bringing me closer to God. I get nothing but the feeling of peace, joy, and energy inside that my soul is finally at rest, with no more depression or anxiety because I now get it and I understand that God loves me and only wants to love us all and wants to give us his gift of joy that no one else can ever give us, so that we can be led into eternal life through Christ by obeying his ways and his word, for us to fear the Lord and try our hardest to live a sinless life here on earth.
Erica Lynn
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